University Hoodies UK: Start the Semester in Style

University Hoodies

Wearing a university hoodie with a college or school name on it has become a fashion style and a rite of passage for every student. Ever since Ivy League students in the US in the 50s made the look famous, it has spread across the world, its popularity not waning even seven decades later.

And it’s not difficult to see why. Oxford hoodies and other university hoodies UK students wear are warm, practical, and look effortlessly stylish. But how can you use this piece of clothing as an affordable way to promote your school or business?

Let’s find out!

Why College Hoodies

Do you remember those chilly November mornings when you needed to get up early for your classes? The cutest and easiest outfit to pull together often involved jeans and one of your Exeter University hoodies. Or those long nights in the library when you needed every little bit of comfort to pull you through the long study sessions? So you put on your headphones and one of the University of Worcester hoodies?

These and similar stories are universal among students, no matter where they live. So designing an eye-catching school hoodie means your customer pool will be huge by default.

College Hoodies

This piece of clothing is comfy, warm, practical and looks good on everyone, no matter their personal style or gender. At the same time, a sheer range of colours and the size of the printing surface leaves you enough space to personalise your product in any way you wish. In other words, you can make Bangor University hoodies as well as Oxford hoodies, targeting buyers from across the UK.

But who said college hoodies must only be worn by students? Every teenager dreaming about enrolling in a college will pay good money to get their hands on a hoodie sporting their favourite university logo. Affectionate siblings and partners of your current students would gladly show their support by buying customised university hoodies. Just adorn it with a nickname, team name, or a number of their loved ones, and voila!

In addition, hoodies are a fairly affordable way to promote universities, Greek life members, or teams. That means business owners and schools investing in this promo product are setting themselves up for a low-risk, high-reward venture. That and the very practicality make this garment a highly sought-after promo item among business owners and institutions alike.

Factors to Consider When Designing University Hoodies

It doesn’t take a lot to convince a student body to purchase customised hoodies. But if you want your final product to truly win the hearts of buyers, there are several factors to keep in mind.


Quality fabrics that are both healthy and feel good on the skin are a must. However, catering to different universities across the UK demands you include all-season styles. In other words, finding an ideal design for each institution or school will be simpler if your hoodies come in a variety of materials — thinner for warmer months and thicker for colder weather. That way, you ensure you meet the demand and needs of your customers throughout the school year.


Of course, you should offer hoodies in the right colour scheme to represent a specific university. But keep in mind that younger buyers often like to “go off script” and opt for different hues and current trends. For this reason, providing college hoodies in a broader colour offering will do a great job of expanding your customer pool.


Hoodies are a classic clothing item. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for various styles! From oversized hoodies that scream cuddles and comfort to stylish and trendy models, invest in a range of styles. That way, your buyers will be able to quickly switch from a classroom to a date look just by changing a hoodie.


Aside from printing the school name, logo, and slogan, there are infinite ways to personalise university hoodies. So, put your creative team together and come up with motivational or comical designs that perfectly capture the chaos and wonder that is student life. Reference majors, study areas, mascots, professors’ names, teams, symbols, and other visual elements to enrich your design.


It’s not just about what you write on the college hoodies. The print must also look great and last long, as well! So, choose a printing option that sticks well to the fabric of your choice, and that won’t fade or wash out quickly. Quality print is not a luxury in this situation. It is a necessity.

Another great thing about this promo item is the size of the printing surface. Hoodies allow you to go all in and print all the info you need to promote your school. Most commonly, our clients opt for an embroidered crest on the front with class or sports team names on the back. Moreover, they often request a logo on a sleeve.

For a more personalised option, you can add names or nicknames on the back of a hoodie or underneath the crest on the front. However, this is far from being your only option. Get creative and send us your own ideas, and we will do our best to make them come to life.

How to Order College Hoodies

At Hoodies4Leavers, we offer you a simple process of designing and ordering university hoodies. First, you need to get approval from the university itself. This is very important since the hoodies will represent the school on and outside the campus.

Then, you can check out our website and find a model you like best. Pay attention to the materials and styles available when making this decision.

Afterwards, select colours, printing methods, and design placements. You can send us your design straight away or call us for a quick chat to confirm whether your idea fits the hoodie model of your choice. Our customer support will answer every question you might have.

After placing your order, you will receive an email with a mockup design. If you find everything to your liking, we will proceed with the printing. Soon, your campus will be filled with satisfied students that represent your institution wherever they go.

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